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Why Buyers Should Use House of Coins


Our proprietary process is designed to move quick, ensuring you close on your new property as soon as possible.


Execute the transaction without additional contracts, unnecessary negotiations or extensive knowledge transfer.


Obtain title insurance, eliminate distrust and protect your interests.


Purchase your new property with cryptocurrency while also minimizing price volatility.



Our proprietary process is designed to move quick, ensuring you close on your new property as soon as possible.



We know your time is valuable, which is why we place a premium on keeping our service simple and efficient.



We ensure transparency throughout the process ensures that your assets are safe and that the transaction is secure.



We navigate the regulatory hurdles and barriers that stand in between you and the sale or purchase of your home.

"Attorney Jeffrey Pomeranz handled our bitcoin real estate purchase in 2018. We were happy with both his professionalism and efficiency. He actually saved us over $6100 that was overlooked in our sales contract. We highly recommend Jeff for Florida real estate transactions paying with bitcoin where the sellers are not interested in accepting it. We would most definitely use his services again."

David R.

The Objective

Broaden potential buyer pool to allow buyers to purchase real property with cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)

The Problem

Compliance obligations imposed on seller

Timing limitations / seasoning of funds

Transactional risk for both buyer and seller

Limitations on buyers obtaining title insurance

Additional costs and time to buyer and seller

Our Value Proposition

Help facilitate transactions, allowing intangible assets to be used to purchase real property.

The Results

Expands buyer pool and creates marketing “buzz” around the property

Limits seller’s risk and obligations, including compliance obligations

Minimizes transactional risk for both buyer and seller

Eliminates limitations for buyers to obtain title insurance

No additional transactional costs to seller

who we are

House of Coins is a proprietary process of Pomeranz Law PLLC. We are dynamic problem-solvers with deep experience in business and real estate.

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